Special – Carver of the month



Born in 1955 in Vigo di Fassa, he began sculpting as a child, with three tools only, while attending elementary schools. He carved his first “face” from the root of a tree, working on the bench of an old carpenter of his village. As a boy, while helping parents in mountain pastures, he carves sticks, wooden toys, rough ponies.
After primary school he attended the Pozza art school, taking the wooden sculpture class.
After the military service he worked “a bottega” (a master woodworker lab) for 8 years (from 1977 to 1985) in Vigo, where he met and frequented the painter Fernando Brunel.
After this activity he becomes a worker in a woodworking shop in the valley, where he works for the next 7 years.
In 1999 he began to renovate his grandparents’ old house (as old as 1674), realizing all the internal wooden furnishings and, first of all, his personal sculpture workshop, in the old woodshed.
He then left the carpenter’s job to be employed in the maintenance of the ski resorts in the Valle, but he continued carving passionately various subjects and in particular the wooden masks, the “faceres” (so called in the Ladin valleys), traditionally used in the carnival of the high Valle di Fassa, from Alba to Canazei.
He does not only create masks though: in the past few years he began exhibiting his bas-reliefs depicting the beloved alpine landscapes in various showrooms of the Valley, between Vigo and Canazei.
His philosophy of life is closely linked to the mountain and the spirit of the forest, which inspires his creative activity and seems almost to reflect on his appearance, of a cheerful elf. It expresses strong awareness of living in a beautiful place and the serenity of his mild relationship with the nature that provides him with the soft and fragrant Swiss pine, which he carves his masks with. So he describes them: “There are woods I take up dozens of times and seems I can’t do anything with them, then suddenly anything lights up and gives it a shape. That’s the moment, it’s the spirit that comes alive, it’s the magic of art. I am bound to all my masks, each figure brings a new entity, never the same as an another”.
Fulvio joined the “Mascherai Alpini” in 2005 and since then enthusiastically participates to the collective events organized by the Association, or where it is invited to, with the great spirit of friendship that also characterizes all the fellow-members.
His “faceres” can be found in many private collections in Italy and abroad.

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